Transportation and Storage Infrastructure for Petroleum Commodities and Products

The following key studies on the transportation and storage of petroleum in the country have been concluded:

  • A study for the development of pipelines and storage facilities of petroleum commodities (crude oil and gas) from the fields to the refinery was concluded during March 2012. Planning for the transportation of crude oil from the oil fields to the refinery is ongoing and the development of these crude oil feeder pipelines will be developed as part of the oil fields. Surveying of the route to transport crude oil from the Kingfisher field in Buhuka to the refinery area in Kabaale commenced in June 2015.
  • A study covering the distribution and storage facilities of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet fuel etc.) from the refinery to different national and regional markets was concluded during November 2012. A 205 km pipeline to transport refined petroleum from the refinery in Kabaale, Hoima to a distribution center in Buloba, west of Kampala is planned to be developed as part of the refinery project. A routing Study and a Resettlement Action Plan for this pipeline route have commenced and plans to extend this pipeline from Kampala to Kigali and Eldoret are also under consideration.
  • The Governments of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda through the Northern Corridor Infrastructure projects contracted Toyota Tshusho from Japan to undertake a feasibility study for a crude oil export pipeline. The study was completed during June 2015 and is under review. The study will contribute to decisions on the routing and structuring of the crude export pipeline among others.

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development has concluded the preparation of a draft Strategy and Plan for the Transportation and Storage Facilities of Petroleum Commodities and Products in Uganda which is due for submission to Cabinet during 2015.

Construction of the road infrastructure required for the development of the oil and gas sector is also ongoing. In this regard, the Hoima-Buseruka-Kaiso Tonya Road whose construction commenced in 2013 was completed and handed over to Government in December 2014. Designing of the Kyenjojo-Kagadi-Hoima-Masindi as well as that for Hoima – Biso – Wanseko Road were completed by the Ministry of Works and Transport and procurement of contractors for these two roads is ongoing.