To build and strengthen capacity of the institutions responsible for managing energy and mineral resources in the Ministry.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To put in place legislation standards and institutions for the creation of an enabling environment for private sector participation and enhancement of free and fair competition in the Energy and Mineral sector.


The Support Services of the Ministry, headed by the Under Secretary (Mr. Emmanuel Mugunga Freddie) are provided through:

Finance and Administration Department, comprising of;

  1. Administration Section; Headed by Mr. Akiiri Kenneth – Principal Assistant Secretary (Tel: 0414-256691)
  2. Human Resource Management Division; Headed by Ms. Ibanda Samali - Principal Human Resource Officer (Tel: 0414-250105)
  3. Finance and Accounts Division; Headed by Mr. Yakub Lubega – Ass. Commissioner Accounts (Tel: 0414-235436)
  4. Internal Audit Division; Headed by Mr. Ambrose Asiimwe – Ass. Commissioner Internal Audit (Tel: 0414-342960)
  5. Procurement Division; Headed by Mr. Aribariho Andrew - Ass. Commissioner Procurement (Tel: 0414-349276)
  6. Resource Centre; Headed by Ms. Catherine Dedeya - Senior Information Scientist (Tel: 0414-255402)


The major functions of the Support Services are: -

  1. Financial management.
  2. Administration support services.
  3. Policy Analysis, formulation and implimentation.
  4. Human Resource Management.


Joint Sector Review Meeting

17th-18th September, 2019 at Speke Resort Munyonyo

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